Where are you guys located? How do I get to you?

We are located in Suite 1209, Level 12 , 530 Little Collins Street, VIC 3000
We are in the Exchange Tower Building next to Church Street

We have parking available under the building, there is also a car park down the road in between King Street and Spencer Street.

We are a 5 minute walk from Southern Cross Station. We also have multiple trams stops around the area.

Does the $400 deposit come off the total amount of the course? Is the kit fee included in the course cost?

The course is $1145 after the $400 deposit is paid, you are left with $845 remaining.

The kit is an additional fee, it is not included in the course fee.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans.

For Make-up Artist Essentials, Tuition fees can be paid off over a 4 week payment plan. Pay for the equipment kit & first payment of tuition on week one and the balance of the course is paid off by week 4. Money is debited each Monday

What is included in the make-up kits? Do I need to buy make-up for the course?

Essentials Equipment kit: Includes professional 20 piece brush set, tool belt, black mascara, mascara wands, lip wands, brush cleaner, wipes, mixing palette, 3 eyelash packs and glue

Optional Advanced Kit: Includes an Airbrush gun and Compressor – We have airbrushes guns for you to use during class hours, but you can purchase your own to use through out the course and to keep forever.

No, you do not need to buy make-up for the course. We provide all the make-up for you to use during class.

If you wanted to purchase make-up to use outside of class and to build up a make-up kit, we have kits available for you to purchase through the school once you have started.

Can I bring my own Essentials Equipment Kit?

You are welcome to bring and use your own equipment kit, as long as the brushes are of a professional standard not brushes that are used for personal use. Please ensure in your kit that you have at lease 3 soft tip blending brushes, a variety of eyeshadow brushes that are of different sizes and density, angle brush that has tight bristles, foundation brush, kabuki, powder, blush and lip brush. The brushes will need to be washed clean prior to use. Also you must have a brush cleaner that contains minimum 95% alcohol. You will need to have wipes that are alcohol free and fragrance free, mixing palette, a brand new/un-used mascara, mascara wands, lip wands, lashes and glue. Should you need to purchase any of these items, you can do so through the school.

What make-up brands do you supply for us to use during class?

We use a variety of different products to ensure the best products are used during all stages of learning.

The main products used in our make-up classes are:

PaintBox Cosmetics and Kett Cosmetics

The main products used in our hair classes are:

MUK Haircare

We also use:

What happens if I miss a class?

If you are sick or absent for a class you can make it up within the next intake.

If you miss more then 3 classes you will have to pay $100 for each class you need to re-sit and you may be required to produce a medical certificate.

Do I need to bring a model to class?

No, we have designed these classes so you can work on each other. It is a great way to practise on all different eye shapes, face shapes, nationalities and authenticities. 
It is also great to get your make-up done and pass on feedback back and forth. It is also great to interact and make small talk with new people.

What is the different between accredited and non-accredited courses?

Accreditation means the course is nationally recognised and that a registered training organisation (RTO) can issue a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment following its full or partial completion. A Statement of Attainment is a list of individual units or subjects completed within a course. An accredited course means that the course or unit completed is recognised within different states or territories of Australia.

Make-up Artistry is not an accredited industry so having an accreditation or Statement of Attainment is not compulsory. However, here at Elite we offer short courses that are designed to be very ‘hands on’ & practical, while also giving the students an option, in conjunction with Doyle's Academy to turn these courses into an accredited unit, which can be a pathway to Certificate III in Make-up and many other accredited courses.

We also offer a Certificate III in Make-up for those that are looking for accredited training.